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Dog Training
Oliver's friends offers personalized lessons at a time and location convenient for you. You can choose a single session to overcome a behavior problem, or you can choose a package to receive a discount rate.

Behavior Modification and Nuisance Problem Solving, $75 per session
Many owners have just one or two behavioral issues they need help solving. This is designed to address the root cause of the behavior and present a solution for you to work on.

Basic Obedience, $350
This is a five session course that will teach you how to confidently train your dog to respond to the obedience commands of Sit, down, sit-stay, down-stay, heel, come and loose leash walking. It will give you a strong foundation for communicating with your dog.

Advanced Obedience, $350
This is a follow up on the basic obedience course for owners that want to strengthen their relationship with their dog. Upon successful completion of basic obedience owners will learn to work on those commands off leash and around distractions. It also includes a session on training tricks.